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Why am I not getting credit towards the Toy Donation task for selling ‘Whitefish’ recipes?


We have received reports from some farmers that selling recipes with “Whitefish” ingredient is not being counted towards a task in the Toy Donation Drive Community Event. This is because the “Whitefish” is a resource obtained from Prized Ferrets while the task requires selling recipes with “Fish” ingredient which can be earned from fishing only.


You may sell recipes with “Fish” ingredient obtained from fishing in order to complete the task.


Why can’t I plant the Yellow Rabbit Ear Iris and Yellow Stemmed Thalia?


These particular crops from the Painting Canvas feature are actually water crops. You may plant them in your water plots/fields and see them grow.

Note: If you’re not able to plant certain crops aside from the ones mentioned, try planting them in your water plots or water fields.

Why am I not able to get my rewards from the Moon Flower Vase?
We have received reports from some farmers that they are unable to receive the Animal reward from the Moonflower Vase (For Whom The Flower Blooms!). This is because the reward was only unlocked on December 22 base on how many Liquid Kelp you collected. You will be able to collect the animal and two bonus reward on January 2-9 when the Moonflower blooms.


Why is my Zynga Activity Feed not updating?
We are pleased to let you know that this issue has been fixed as of December 18, 2017 at 600AM PST.


We have received reports from some farmers that the Zynga Activity Feed isn’t updating or showing new posts. We are aware of this matter and will have this corrected soon. There is no need to write to support about this.


How do I Play ‘For Whom The Flower Blooms!’?
1. Why are the tasks for the Moon Flower Vase grayed out?
This happens when you have collected the needed Liquid Kelp within the time limit or, when time is up on December 22 (PDT). Good news – you have completed your event!

2. Great, what happens next?
The Moonflower will bloom between Jan 2 (PDT) and Jan 9 (PDT). Your vase will look prettiest if you return in this time. Also, you will collect the reward animal AND two bonus rewards!

3. Will I get the same rewards after Jan 9?
No. After Jan 9 (PDT) you will only get the reward animal. Also, your vase will not look as pretty since you would have missed the bloom.


Why can’t I harvest my Mud Wallow?
We have received reports that there are farmers who can’t harvest the Mud Wallow on their farms.

To harvest the Mud Wallow, all you need to do is to have at least 4 Adult Pigs. You can put all Adult Pigs inside the Animal Barn, except one, to tend your Mud Wallow.


Why is my Chicken not moving after filling up the Tuning Fork in the Rooster Coop?
We have received reports from some farmers that they are unable to move the Chicken after filling up the Tuning Fork in the Rooster Coop.

Farmers will have to click the ‘Charm’ button once the Tuning Fork has been filled. After that, click on any of the Blue dots to choose where to move the Chicken. Farmers can also collect Berries to get Special Rewards after reaching the Egg.


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