Farmville 2 Vip Reward

I have Packaged and Special Promos ( Check my Wall for Special Promos and Client feed backs)
-You can customize the packages and Orders you select. (Price may vary)
– message me if you have questions or if you wan’t to purchase anything.
-Please Check my wall for Special limited time Promos so you don’t miss out.

Contact Me for details :


I offer stuffs like:
Hi friend you need anything else ? for farm
Land expansions
Refill favors, consumables and top bars
Finish Quests
Early feature unlocks
Limited animals, decors, crops and trees
Animals (Baby, Adult or Prized) , decorations, houses,
trees and crops
Upgrade buildings
And many more

Your trust and satisfaction is everything to me i will do my best to provide best server as possible.

Q: Is this legit?
A: Yes, This is 100% legit and i can provide proofs to prove it.
Q: How do i order?
A: Just Add me and message me or Comment on this post or any of my posts 🙂 ill message back in a few minutes.
Q: How does this work?
A: This works by, you selecting which Package or Order you want, then i’ll login to the farm the is needing work then add the stuff that is listed in the Package or Order you Selected, After that you will check if everything in the Package or Order you selected is present in your farm, Then You pay.
Q: How do i pay?
A: You can pay through PayPal.
Q: Is this safe, will i my farm get shutdown or banned?
A: No, this is 100% Safe and your Farm WILL NOT BE BANNED OR SHUTDOWN.
Q: Can i trust you?
A: Absolutely, You can trust me 100% and i have proofs and Client feed backs to Back that up.

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